Film Submission Process

Once the free online Fetal Medicine Foundation theory course has been completed, the next step toward earning a Fetal Medicine Foundation NT credential is submission of images to demonstrate competency. Once you have completed the new online course, you may upload your images directly to your own page on the FMF website. If you are unable to upload your own images you may mail them to Naomi Greene, 12400 Ventura Blvd., #838, Studio City, CA 91604 - she will upload them for you and review them. Step-by-step instructions for uploading NTimages can be obtained by clicking on the following link: Instructions for uploading NT images Images are usually reviewed within 7-10 days of uploading.

To upload other types of images (i.e. nasal bone, tricuspid flow, ductus venosus flow, uterine artery Doppler) follow the instructions as for NT but select the appropriate image type from the droplist of Audit Types. If uploading for nasal bone, tricuspid or ductus venosus flow, once you select the image type you will be taken to the image review and scoring quiz for the marker.  If you pass the quiz you are directed to upload your images.  If you fail the quiz, you need to wait 24 hours to attempt it again. Images are generally reviewed within 7-10 days of uploading.

Images for NT credentialling and all other markers should be submitted in sets of 3.  The images may be taken on the same fetus but the time must be different on each image.  The date and time of scan MUST be left showing on all images submitted for any reason and patient identifiers should be blocked or deleted. For initial accreditation, the first submitted images should be examples of recent work (from the prior two months). If asked to submit subsequent images, the newly submitted images must be newly acquired - they should be dated AFTER applying the suggested changes made in the detailed report written on every set of images and should be submitted in a timely fashion so that they are not ever more than two months old when they are submitted.

There is a one-time $100 per person administrative fee due at the beginning of the film submission process. You may pay this one-time fee using our Secure Server on our website or you may mail a check for $100, made out to The Fetal Medicine Foundation USA to:

Naomi Greene

12400 Ventura Blvd. #838
Studio City, CA 91604.

Please include a note with your check stating your name and FMF ID number.

Film Submission form for those mailing images

Appeals Process

Through its program of education, training, and interactive film review, the Fetal Medicine Foundation USA strives to assist providers in offering the highest quality first trimester screening test possible.  At the same time we make every effort to insure the above process is transparent, accessible, and fair to all.

The Fetal Medicine Foundation USA’s Image Review Appeals Process is open to those trying to earn accreditation for the first time or to those who are undergoing reaccreditation. The participants are strongly encouraged to initiate this process ONLY after more than one (e.g. three) unsuccessful submissions.

For further information on our Appeals Process, please click here.